Engine Parts

Many components in your car operate by means of a switch, and most functions are regulated by sensors that send signals to your dashboard. You will find all types of switches and sensors at Designer Beema for every function in your car.
There are switches linked to most of the electronically controlled parts of your car. Ignition switches, engine management switches, headlight switches and window switches all operate by means of a manual or automatic switch. Modern vehicles additionally rely on a number of sensors to regulate engine processes and give feedback on these operations to the driver. Among other functions, your car uses sensors for brake lights, reversing lights, door lights, coolant temperature gauge, oil pressure gauge, fuel gauge, radiator fan and parking sensors. The switches and sensors in your car are in regular use and can be very sensitive, sometimes operating under extreme conditions. They can malfunction for a number of reasons, including brake fluid leaks, high operating pressures, temperature gauge failures, overheating or simply the eventual mechanical failure that comes with everyday use. All types of switches and sensors can easily be replaced in the event of failure.