When it comes to motoring, things like the car body work and the car exhaust are crucial components in terms of the looks and performance of the vehicle.
A lot of people spend hours tending to the body of their cars, washing them and keeping them in showroom condition, but sometimes there is damage that polish just cannot hide. The car body takes a real hammering from the weather along with the dust and dirt thrown up by other road users.
Rust, paint chips, dents and scratches can all affect the look and even the structure of the car, while certain seals and panels can erode over time, letting water into the vehicle.
Over time the car exhaust can start to wear too, either affected by the harsh weather or when it is damaged by materials that have got into the exhaust system or that have come into contact on the outside.
The exhaust controls the vehicle emissions and diverts harmful gases away from the engine and the passengers. Some exhausts even improve the overall performance of the vehicle, so a top quality car exhaust system can help you to get that little bit extra out of your car in terms of power and economy.
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